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Effective May 2024


- The Resort provides 30 AMP electrical service to each site.
- Electrical service must be used sparingly.
- Misuse of electricity (e.g., leaving air conditioners on while not at your site) will result in electrical service being cut off.
- No extra appliances, including fridges, freezers, etc. are allowed.


No Direct Sewer Sites:

- 3rd party sewer pump-out service is available for an additional fee.
- Deliberate drainage of wastewater (gray or black) from holding tanks or portable containers onto the ground will result in immediate eviction.


Direct Sewer:

- Campers with direct sewer hook-up access must install a rigid plumbing line to support the RV hose for proper drainage and protection from breakage and UV rays
- The RV hose must be fitted with an adapter for connection to the Resort plumbing outlet, and the final installation must be approved by the Resort.

All Sewer Use:

- Sewer access is subject to weather conditions.
- Campers are prohibited from putting tampons, paper towels, baby wipes, etc., in sewer tanks.
- Only RV-approved toilet paper is to be used at the Resort.

Portable Toilets:

- If available, portable toilets are not to be used as a sani-dump station.


- The Resort hauls in city water for Campers. The cistern is not monitored for potability. The Resort strongly recommends treating or boiling the water before consumption.
- Water availability is limited and subject to weather conditions. Water is not to be used to wash vehicles or RV units, water plants, or for dust control.
- Campers are expected to limit their use of water. Misuse of water may result in additional charges.


- Onsite bins are for regular daily garbage only.
- Do not leave large items or commercial garbage at the Resort.

Wash House:

- The wash house has coin-operated showers, toilets, and a separate coin-operated laundry facility.
- The security access code for the wash house is not to be shared with guests.
- Children under 12 years old must be supervised by an adult.
- Smoking is not permitted in the wash house.
- Due to the damage that sand causes to the plumbing in the wash house, everyone must rinse off sand before entering the wash house.

Site Maintenance:

- The site must be kept tidy and uncluttered. Clotheslines and/or tarps are not permitted.

- The Seasonal is responsible for weekly maintaining their assigned site (perimeter determined by the Resort) or hiring maintenance.

- Lawn areas (if applicable) must be trimmed. Gravelled areas must be kept grass and weed-free.

- If maintenance is neglected, the Resort, without notice to the Seasonal, will perform the maintenance and invoice accordingly. A minimum of $50 + GST will be charged each time the Resort must attend to a neglected site.

Security Gates:

- Gate security cards must not be shared.

- Only 1 Security card per site will be issued.

- Lost cards will be charged a replacement fee of $75.



- All guests invited by Campers must register at the Store like any other day-use client.
- The Resort is trying to provide each site with two guest passes per day without charge on a limited basis, depending on guest and Camper behavior.
- Guests must leave by 11 pm; approval to stay overnight must be arranged in advance.



- The Resort has zero tolerance for violence, threatening behavior, and abuse against any person on the Resort, whether a staff member or another camper.



- Open fires are prohibited except in properly constructed fire pits. One fire pit is permitted per site.
- Check for “FIRE BAN IN EFFECT” before lighting your fire pit

Site Improvements:

- Site Condition: The site is provided 'as is' and no alterations are permitted without Resort approval.

- Alterations: This includes but is not limited to the removal or addition of any items such as decks, RV mats, sheds, fire pits, soil, sod, gravel, bricks, or sidewalk blocks.

- Prohibited Alterations: Vegetation such as Trees, shrubs, native plants, and lakefront vegetation outside the designated site boundary must not be cut, picked, trimmed, or planted without Resort approval. Ropes or stringed lines should not be tied to trees or shrubs, and nails, screws, or staples must not be driven into trees, shrubs, or Resort property.

- Ground Disturbance: Gravel, dirt, and other materials must not be disturbed or added without Resort approval.

- Any improvements to the site, including decks, sheds, tents, fencing, decorations, signs, or anything else, must be approved by the Resort.
- Approvals are granted considering the site size, surroundings, and details of the proposed improvements.

- Written requests including a detailed description and diagram is to be submitted to the resort Manager for approval. improvements or alterations cannot be started unless you have received written approval from the resort.


- Campers must not cut through other sites at the Resort.


- All pets must be approved by the Resort in advance.
- Maximum of 2 pets allowed per site.
- Pets are not permitted on the beach at any time.
- Pets that are a nuisance will have their authorization revoked.

Quiet Time:

- Quiet time is from 11 pm to 8 am.
- Noisy and rowdy behavior at any time is not tolerated.



- There is no lifeguard on duty.
- Swimming is at your own risk.


 Golf Carts:

- Children under the age of 16 are NOT permitted to drive.
- Occupants must be seated on golf carts when in motion.



- All-terrain vehicles (ATVs/UTVs), motorized coolers, and scooters are NOT permitted on the Resort.


Advertising & Sale of Campers RV:

- “For Sale” signs are not permitted on the site or RV, nor can the Resort name and/or site be used to promote the sale of Campers RV.


Watercraft / Inflatables:

- Campers must ensure all watercraft are inspected to be free from parasites and invasive species.
- Campers must not leave any watercraft unattended at the beach or on the water.
- Aluminum, inflatable, pedal boats, canoes, and kayaks may be moored at the boat launch access area when in use during a single day; otherwise, they should be stored on the Campers' site when not in use.

Use as a Residence Prohibited:

Site occupancy and usage are designated for "Vacation Purposes Only" and are not to be used as a seasonal residence.


Environmental Issues:

- Campers must not bring, keep, or store any dangerous substances or materials, including radioactive, explosive, poisonous, or inflammable substances or materials, at the Resort. Safe storage of no more than ten (10) gallons of gasoline is allowed per site, provided the occupant complies with all regulations for the safe handling and storage of gasoline.
- Do not dispose of or deposit any deleterious material such as paint, solvent, oil, or other contaminants, or any substance subject to environmental regulation, on a site or common area of the Resort.

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